Le storie e i laboratori di Manuela approdano a Kuala Lumpur, in Malesia!

Nel periodo in cui vivevo in Malesia, dopo aver insegnato teatro ai bambini di una scuola locale e della scuola internazionale indiana, alcuni dei miei spettacoli e dei miei laboratori sono stati accolti nel bel centro teatrale KlPac.

Ecco uno dei programmi proposti, che esperienza FAVOLOSA!

Ages: 5 – 9 years
Time: 10:30 – 12pm
Date: Mar 11, 12 & 13
Course fee: RM 100 (for all 3 sessions) RM35 (for 1 session)
Registration: RM50 (minimum: 10 maximum: 50 participants per session)
The workshop aims to get children to know about classical masterpieces of music and stories. They will listen to the stories and the accompanying music, which will illustrate that each of the story’s characters are represented by different musical instruments. Then they will have the opportunity to act out the characters upon hearing the correct music, The workshop develops in 3 sessions:
• Mister noise and silence wizard, a nice Italian story. A simple session to introduce the following 2 masterpieces.
• The sorcerer’s apprentice, the famous ballad by the writer Goethe transformed into a sinphonic poem by the musician Paul Dukas. After storytelling, children will match characters to the appropriate instruments, by drawing them, when they recognize each sound.
• Peter and the wolf by the musician Prokofiev. Children will make ‘special instruments” to replace the real ones and representing the caracters in the story, made by recyclable items (wood, plastic, paper ..), which they will then “play”. A wonderful session for art and craft and music lovers!


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